The best ways of keeping up with Google

SEO services have to spend a fair amount of time simply keeping up with changes in the way in which Google behaves. There is much more to optimisation than Google SEO, but ignoring the way in which the dominant search engine alters its offer is a recipe for disaster. Pleasing users is the major goal of search engine optimisation services and a diversity of means are always used. However, work using the social media must be backed up with work on Google for successes to be attained.

At we specialise in delivering professional SEO services to our various clients. In practice, this means that we pursue campaigns that stick to the ethical guidelines devised and maintained by Google. It also means that we focus on keeping up with innovations made by Google and other significant players in the ever-changing sector of search.

For a multinational corporation, Google has always been very aware of the importance of pleasing businesses which operate on a small scale. Many businesses do most of their trading in the vicinity of their physical base. However, they still want to use the internet to gain an edge on some of their less innovative competitors. Hence Google has catered for local needs in a variety of ways.

Google has introduced a couple of features which retailers should be conscious of. Last year, it rolled out a feature called ‘Nearby Stores’ in the UK. This enabled consumers to check whether or not some stores had specific products offline. This year, Google Retail has introduced a ‘Local Availability’ feature. This means that it is feasible for potential consumers to check whether or not a particular product is physically in a shop. Small businesses might not be joined up with these services, but a search engine optimisation consultant must be aware of them.

Fortunately, Google spends a lot of time spreading information about what it does and why. Although there are those in the industry who sometimes wish the search engine was more specific, in general the point is that the search engine does make it possible for experts to keep up with change. Google’s Matt Cutts is especially helpful in this respect and his Twitter account is much followed as a consequence.

The problem arises when amateurs try to keep up with Google’s evolving offer. The typical site owner lacks the resources to monitor all the changes that occur. It is not easy for novices to separate out information which is necessary from information which is superfluous. They do not know which forums to frequent. Furthermore, their grasp of the principles of optimisation is such that it is very tricky to build on the foundations of their knowledge.

Another difficulty can be information overload. A site owner might not be able to concentrate on his or her business activity if they do not appreciate the value of outsourcing a search engine optimisation campaign. Once they have found a team which they can trust to keep an eye on the changing search world they are in a good position to move forward together.

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