Choosing the right summer house for your garden

There are many reasons why people choose to have a summer house, but whatever the reason, the best place to look for one is at Dunster House. The people at Dunster House can offer not only a wide range of summer houses, but everything you need for the house and garden, such as log cabins, climbing frames for the kids and sheds.
The thing to bear in mind when choosing a summer house is that the range of summer houses you will see at Dunster House are manufactured in their own factories, so you can be sure of the quality and the workmanship which goes into these summer houses.
Given the aesthetic importance of your summer house, it’s fair to say that you will want it to last many years so it’s important to choose a good quality product. Most summer houses are manufactured in timber although you may find the odd metal or plastic one. So when choosing a timber summer house, don’t forget environmental considerations and look for one made from renewable forestry sources. Look also for summer houses with pre-dipped or treated finishes that will protect them from rot and deterioration in all weathers.
You can choose a garden summer house with glazed doors and opening windows, covered deck areas with balustrades and features like internal bench seating and storage shelves, in most cases it comes down to your budget and your likely uses. And remember that many people use summer houses as places to work, so they’re not always a place to just sit and take it easy. It’s also worth considering buying the largest summer house that will fit into your chosen location as many people regret having chosen one too small.
Whatever the reasons for deciding to install a summer house, make sure you choose from the Dunster House range, where you know you will be buying a top quality product.

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