Building log cabins – preparing the ground.

You may have been thinking about building a log cabin yourself, but why spend all that time and effort when you can have one delivered in kit form?
All the materials for log cabins can be delivered to your home straight from Dunster House, and they will also provide all the advice and expertise you need to build that perfect extra leisure space in your garden.
The only thing you will have to do is ensure that the ground on which you are going to erect your log cabin has been well prepared to make sure that the foundations are solid, and moisture from the garden won’t be absorbed into the wood.

Foundations for log cabins
The area of the foundations should be at least equal to the area of the floor of the log cabins. Make sure it is in line with the cabin walls and that it finishes around one inch above ground level. This should ensure that the wood is protected from damp and moisture, and will add years to the life of all log cabins.
As far as the base material is concerned, concrete foundations are the best option, but it is also possible to create a solid base by laying down a layer of hardcore which can then be covered over by paving stones.
Once you have done all this, all you have to do is wait for your delivery from Dunster House. Log cabins are relatively easy to build – especially if you follow the comprehensive instructions – so it won’t be long before you and your family are relaxing in one of the log cabins from the Dunster House range of products.

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