Summerhouses – make the right choice at Dunster House

If you are looking for a summerhouse to add that final touch to your garden, the people at Dunster House will be able to advise you on the right choice. They have a wide range of summerhouses, starting with the Vantage 250, going right up to the Valiant 470. Whatever size of summerhouse you are looking for, you will find it on the Dunster House website. Once you have decided which of the summer houses suits you best, you can visit Dunster House and see the high quality and craftsmanship for yourself. Dunster House have two factories where all their products are manufactured, from simple garden sheds through to climbing frames, and of course, summerhouses.
There are many reasons to buy your summerhouse from Dunster. The high quality of these constructions is perhaps the main attraction for their customers, and you will see that every element of their summerhouses feature the best materials. The windows in their summerhouses are not fitted with Perspex, as you will often find in inferior summerhouses. This means you will not end up with windows covered in scratches, which often happens when plastic glass is used. And don’t worry about the safety aspect of these windows. Dunster House do not fit their summerhouses with thin greenhouse type glass.
Everything about the design and construction of these summerhouses is concerned with quality. Even aspects which you may not have thought about, such as the floor, is guaranteed to be manufactured to the highest standard. The bearers on the floor of these summerhouses 70 mm thick and pressure treated, and this means that the ‘bounce’ effect when walking around your summerhouse is drastically reduced. And while you are building your summerhouse, you will be able to take advantage of the interchangeable panels, which allow you to choose from lots of different layout plans as you construct your summerhouse.

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