Keeping sheds safe and secure

Although it’s unlikely that you will keep anything of high value in your shed, you want to make sure that thieves cannot break in. Nobody wants the hassle of having to replace bicycles and garden equipment, so why make it easy for a thief to get in and steal your property?
Once you have chosen your shed from Dunster House – who have a wide range of sheds and other garden storage equipment – make sure that whatever you have stored will be as secure as possible.
The weakest points security-wise of a shed are the door and windows, so make sure that these two areas are as secure as possible.
The door should protected with a good quality padlock, and if the windows can be opened then they should be fitted with internal locks, It may be worthwhile to fit bars as well to provide an extra deterrent.
If you still aren’t convinced that your shed is now secure, then it may be worth buying an alarm. There are two main types of shed alarm available, the infra-red detector and the door contact system.
The infra-red detector sounds an alarm when it senses movement or body heat within sheds, while the contact system is usually attached to the door and responds when it is forced.
Pedal cycles – especially Mountain Bikes – are a magnet for thieves who target sheds. For this reason, your bikes should always be locked inside no matter how secure you have made your shed. To make life even more difficult for thieves, make sure that your bikes are locked together and then attached to something unwieldy, such as a workbench or a set of ladders. Remember, simply wrapping a lock chain around the wheel of the bike will not be enough to protect it from thieves, because it can be carried away with ease.

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