Log Cabins – facts about planning permission

Many people like the idea of building a log cabin in their garden, but some are put off because they are concerned about planning permission regulations, and whether these will affect them.
The truth of the matter is, if you are careful in your selection of log cabins, you will not need planning permission, and Dunster House are one of the few companies who can help you do this because they actually manufacture the log cabins which they sell.
Many companies sell summer houses and log cabins, but not all of them own the factories where they are manufactured. This is where Dunster House come into their own. The reason why they advertise the fact that their log cabins are under 2.5 metres high is connected directly to the planning permission rules, and is something you should bear in mind when choosing log cabins.
You should be careful you are not misled over these planning permission rules – in a small garden, you simply will not be allowed to build a cabin over 2.5 metres high and even in a large garden, you will be severely restricted as to where one could be erected.
These rules can be confusing as there are so many categories involved, so if you need any clarification about the planning permission guidelines, simply get in touch with Dunster House and one of their helpful staff will be only to happy to help you. Once you are happy with the restrictions involved, you will be able to make your choice of which log cabin you would like. And while you’re browsing the online catalogue, take a look at the rest of the Dunster House range. They can supply many things to enhance your outdoor life, from garden offices to summer houses and climbing frames.

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