Garden offices – better than a spare bedroom?

If you are working from home, or planning to be working from home in the near future, you’ve probably thought about which room you will be based in. Many people simply reorganize a spare bedroom and use it as an office, and while this may make sense in the short term, a small box room is not going to be suitable if you are planning to work from home for a long period.
Dunster House offer a wide range of garden offices to suit every need for the person who is going to be working from home. They begin with garden offices which are suitable for just one person and go through to building which can accommodate up to four people, which will be ideal when your business begins to take off and you need to take on staff to help you.
An other factor to bear in mind is the fact that when you are working from home, it’s a psychological advantage to be able to differentiate between your workspace and your living space.
One of the major benefits of choosing garden offices rather than working from a spare room is that you can have your breakfast in your home, and then step out into the garden ready for work. It doesn’t sound much, but just the fact that your workplace is separate from your home really does make a difference in the long term.
If you take a look at the Dunster House range you will see that garden offices are not just glorified sheds, as some people tend to think they are. Like all the products in the Dunster House range – which includes summer houses and ordinary sheds – they are made from the best quality materials and insulated to protect you against poor weather conditions in winter, while keeping you cool during the summer months.

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