Studying abroad is growing more and more common. Britain is an extremely popular destination for students from all across the world. They come here attracted by the very high quality of university teaching and social and scientific research, the excellent cultural opportunities, and for a host of other reasons including our outstanding reputation as a country that meets and exceeds international healthcare and general quality of living standards.

When our own students choose to do a year or even a complete degree at foreign university many of the same motivations are involved. British universities can’t lead the world in every field, and often both parents and educators consider that studying overseas is a valuable life experience, developing independence and cultural awareness to a far deeper level than taking a degree close to home.

One factor that can often be forgotten in the rush to arrange an overseas study period is expatriate health insurance. Whilst many campuses around the world offer free day to day medical care to their student body, those privileges do not always extend to international students, who are often expected to pay considerable fees. Campus clinics cannot usually deal with emergency care situations either.

Getting yourself (or your children) covered by a specialist expatriate health insurance means that you can rest easily knowing that if the worst does happen, you or they will be well cared for and a minor accident or illness need not become a financial disaster. The insurance can even cover the cost of emergency repatriation to a UK hospital if the very best treatment can’t be given on site.

We have a range of packages to suit those who are studying overseas. Not only does having the right insurance mean that any international healthcare needs you or your kids might have are met without incurring huge costs, it also means that the very best treatment will be arranged quickly and expertly.