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Plastic Shopping Bags
by Marcus Peterson
Plastic bags are used for a wide variety of purposes in almost all the existing industries. Plastic bags are in common use by the shopkeepers to give away their products.

Clear Plastic Bags
by Marcus Peterson
Plastic bags are bags made of polyethylene and are a substitute for paper bags and find applications in several industries including agriculture, apparel, bakery, dry cleaning, hardware, electronics, fish food, hosiery, hotels, house wares, shipping, manufacturing, medical, pet food, poultry, retail, footwear, and trade shows. They are also used for several household applications. In short, there is practically no industry that does not use plastic bags in one form or the other.

Resealable Plastic Bags
by Marcus Peterson
One of the best inventions in the plastic bags industry is resealable plastic bags. Apart from the advantages provided by regular plastic bags such as strength, durability, versatility, and variety, resealable plastic bags have the additional advantage of being reusable.

The 5 Hottest Items In Promotional Products In 2006!
by Steven Schneidman
Promotional Products have grown into a 17 Billion Dollar Industry. Find out what’s hot and how to benefit this year.
Beds – The Evolution Of Sleep
by Michael Russell
Maybe we don’t pay attention to this nowadays, but beds are simple in evolution in terms of sleep.

Via’s Swopper Stool, A True Original in Office Seating Design
by Amy Lieberfarb
The Swopper stool, made by Via is currently in a class all of it?s own. With it?s truly unique ergonomic design concepts and style of sitting, the VIA has won over it?s many critics once they have spent time testing the design. When first viewed by someone unaware of it?s ergonomic presence, it may seem just a high-end and stylish stool with great presence. It is very modern with the coordinating coils giving just a hint as to the true inner workings of the Swopper motion seating experience.

In A Galaxy Far Away, the Posture Right Chair Was Born
by Amy Lieberfarb
An employee can spend anywhere from 6-12 hours daily in their office chair, depending on their dedication to productivity. Shouldn?t comfort be one of the things foremost in the average worker?s mind when it comes to seating options. Automotive Experts, formally known for making sure that we are comfortable for long periods while sitting in our vehicles, have now tackled the office chair, creating the Posture Right Galaxy Office Chair.

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