Gift boxes

Gift boxes and gift bags are normally purchased after finding the perfect gift. Some gifts are better off presented in gift boxes or gift bags due to the size or complexity of packaging it in gift wrapping paper. Smaller items such as jewellery are thoughtful gifts however the size of the item may not cause as much as excitement than a bigger gift would. This is where gift boxes are perfect for creating the suspense and appreciation in receiving a gift. The shape of gift boxes also means that the contents can not be easily recognised if it had been wrapped in paper.

Softer gifts such as clothing would be great to place in gift boxes as clothing are a nightmare to wrap and upon touching the wrapped gift, there is a higher risk of receiver instantly guessing the item. Spending that little bit extra on gift boxes is worth it especially if you’ve spent a lot of time and effort in choosing the gift.

There are keepsake gift boxes available which can be used by the receiver to keep their most treasured items. Parents who may wish to keep small sentimental items relating to the birth of their new born babies can use keepsake gift boxes. Newly married couples may wish to keep the finer details of their big day such as favours, guest books, table names, décor within keepsake gift boxes.

Gift boxes can be filled with different material such as shredded or non shredded tissue paper, wool, wood, confetti, glitter or any other colour co-ordinated fillers.

Instead of handing out party bags at children or adult parties, some hosts can opt for gift boxes. Gift boxes are more durable as sharp objects are unlikely to penetrate the gift boxes. It may also mean that you could fit more objects into gift boxes easily and there is no need to worry about objects falling out or having to keep the gift boxes upright. Handing out gift boxes instead of party bags may also leave your guests happy as the host has gone the extra mile to make the guests feel welcome.

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