The Best Guest House

Guest houses need to rely far more on word of mouth and returning custom than larger hotels will. Large chain hotels can offer far lower prices and spend a great deal more on advertising and, as a result, they are likely to pull people in without them ever reading a single review. However, for the smaller guest house, focus needs to be placed much more firmly on the experience that guests have to ensure that the reviews online are favourable and that word of how high the quality of the guest house is will spread.

So how do you make sure guests have the best experience possible?

Ultimately, customer service will be the most important area to focus on, ensuring that you are helpful and courteous from the time of booking right through until the guests leave. However, the room itself will also need a great deal of attention paid to it if you want to appeal to as many people as possible and get good reviews across the board.

One area that is often overlooked by those running guest houses is the bathroom. The attention is instead paid to the bedroom, the seemingly more important part of what constitutes a good night’s stay. However, the bathroom can actually end up being more important and from having shower pumps to simply buying the most appealing bathroom supplies such as attractive taps and heated towel rails, by sprucing up the bathroom, you may well leave a greater lasting impression.

Should you offer a wonderful and indulgent shower to guests with a shower pump to give them the best possible experience, guests are going to feel far more relaxed and pampered than if you simply put a mint on the pillow, although simple and cheap touches like mints will also help a great deal. Instead of a mint, try a Belgian chocolate.

So when looking at increasing your potential custom, don’t focus on the bedroom but instead look at your bathroom supplies and make them as attractive and appealing as possible.

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