The Best Flooring

There are many different types of flooring. From carpets and linoleum through to stone and solid wood flooring, the different options that can be employed in different homes are almost endless. But which is the best?

Different flooring solutions are likely to be more suited to different rooms and even to different people, with those with children likely to need very different floors to older couples.

Whilst carpets remain one of the most common options for homes, they are actually now one of the least beneficial for anyone. Whilst they used to be much cheaper and easier to deal with than other options, they now fall behind in almost every category, having a far shorter life, being far harder to clean and being far more problematic for those with allergies and the like.

Wood flooring comes up on top for most people, today, being extremely versatile, surprisingly cheap and very durable, whilst having the potential to be refinished time and time again and to in turn last for as long as possible. Whilst many people assume solid wood flooring is expensive, prices have dropped considerably over the last few years and the slightly higher initial outlay is instantly reflected in longevity and long term savings as well as in a rise in the value of a home.

Stone and marble are also both very attractive additions. However, with such a very hard material, trips or falls become far more serious, whilst the cost to install such a flooring is raised by the need for trained professionals.

Whilst bamboo or linoleum may be good for those environmentally conscious consumers, the chances of rips and tears are a great deal higher than any other, making wood flooring the winner, since it ensures that almost everyone sees benefits, no matter what their own unique needs are.

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