Funds raised for phone cards

Phone cards are used by a great many people across the globe and they can be a convenient and great value means of communication. However, some of those who rely particularly strongly on the items are soldiers, who are often away from loved ones at home for long periods of time and have limited or no access to landlines while on their missions abroad.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for well-wishers to fundraise in a bid to purchase international calling cards for such individuals and a group of individuals in the US have being doing precisely this.

Last month, the people set up Holly’s Shop of Horror in Oakland County, Michigan, reports. The haunted house was established by a group of friends and those responsible for it charged visitors to enter. Some of the money raised was then handed over to Michael’s Minute, which provides phone cards for troops who are deployed overseas.

One of those involved in the initiative was Amie Davis. She noted that she and her friends had been engaging in such activities for the last 15 years.

She added: “Now we have businesses to sponsor this and we’ve given a lot of money to charity.”

The main character in the haunted house was Holly, who was a lobotomist looking for brains to scramble.

Meanwhile, talking about the volunteers’ experiences running the house, Ms Davis went on to state: “We all have a good time. It’s fun to scare people and make some money for charity.”

In total, around 40 volunteers were involved in the haunted house, ranging in age from three to 64 years. And as well as generating money for international calling cards, the team also helped other good causes. In total, they have raised cash for 20 charities of different kinds over the years.

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