The affordable way to stay in touch

Suddenly the world seems a whole lot smaller. Technology and cheap air fares are bringing everyone closer together. Places that once seemed distant and far away are now more accessible than ever before. Borders, countries and continents seem almost irrelevant as the flow of people and communications stretches right across the globe.

With people travelling further, starting new lives abroad or conducting business on a worldwide scale, the need to make international calls is greater than ever before. Back in the day it would have seemed like an expensive luxury to call overseas. Something for special occasions only. Now thanks to a more open and competitive telecoms market it’s possible to make low cost calls to pretty much any country in the world, no matter how far it away it seems. This is all good news for the customer.

Getting the best deals on international calls can be something of a hassle though. Not everyone wants to buy credit or open new accounts, which is why Planet Calling offer their flexible service. Not only is it great value, but there’s no commitment or contract. To make cheap international calls customers simply input an access code before their call to take advantage of the great rates. So there’s no sign up, just instant access to great value calls.

Thanks to cheap international calls from Planet Calling more and more people are able to stay in touch with friends, family, loved ones and colleagues no matter where they are in the world. Keeping connected is easy and cost effective when using Planet Calling’s service.

In a global world and marketplace Planet Calling provide the means for people to stay in touch. No matter where in the world people are, they are only a cheap phone call away. Staying in touch has never been this easy or affordable.

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