Beware Fake Benzo Fury Pellets

Fake plant food and research chemicals don’t do anybody any favours. Not only are they lower quality chemicals, but they lack the “research potential” of the real deal. In an industry that is pretty much unregulated, you’ve got to be careful when looking for benzo fury pellets and other chemicals like nrg-3.

It’s not difficult for a plant food vendor to set up shop and start selling fake or poor quality products. Unfortunately, the internet is still a brave new frontier for those who are interested in buying chemicals for research such as benzo fury pellets and nrg-3. As consumers, you’ve got to be on your guard therefore, and it definitely pays to be able to tell a fraudulent chemical from the real deal.

With benzo fury pellets in particular, there are a few obvious things to look out for. Benzo fury pellets are becoming more and more popular, and many are finding that they are very potent chemicals for research.

Their increasing popularity means that lots of plant food vendors are attempting to flood the market with fake benzo pellets (the same goes for other chems like nrg-3.) Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to tell the real deal from the counterfeit product.

The pellets come in a few colours, however the most recent batches are either blue, or slightly off-blue colour. In the past many pellets were manufactured in green, however there probably isn’t many of these around anymore. Any other colour and you might not have the genuine article on your hands.

“Benzo” is a brand, and when you order pellets they’ll probably come in branded packaging. If they don’t, then this might point to the fact that the research chemicals are not as advertised (unless it is made clear that the pellets are being sent loose, perhaps because of a bulk order.)

Benzo fury pellets, nrg-3

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