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Jack the Ripper tour extra info: Who was Jack?

If you are about to embark on a Jack the Ripper tour anytime soon you probably need no introduction to the notorious killer. The man otherwise known as The Whitechapel Murderer remains one of the most well known uncaught serial killers to this day and his identity has been the subject of much speculation ever since he wreaked havoc on the streets of London in 1888. It is not possible to provide a comprehensive list here but if you are thinking of a Jack the Ripper tour you may want to get acquainted with some of the contemporary theories regarding his identity:

Those going on a Jack the Ripper tour may be forgiven for suspecting Dundee-born convicted murderer William Henry Bury. He made a full confession to murdering his wife, a former prostitute who was found in a trunk with wounds inflicted on her abdomen. Although the man himself denied involvement his hangman, famous executioner James Berry, believed he was Jack. Thomas Neill Cream was another man hanged for murder, after poisoning his mistress’ husband while he lived in America. However as you may find out on a Jack the Ripper tour, he is an unlikely candidate as he was incarcerated at the time of the Whitechapel murders. That said, some people claim he bribed his way to an early release and that his last words before being executed were an admission of guilt.

Before you embark on your Jack the Ripper tour you may also like to hear about serial killer Frederick Baily Deeming. After murdering his first and second wives and four of his children as well as other people he boasted in jail that he was Jack, but he too was probably imprisoned when they took place. A Jack the Ripper tour will acquaint you with several other theories as to the identity of Jack so you can make up your mind for yourself.

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