Children’s beds can be fun

Children’s beds are not only there for the purpose of encouraging your child to sleep, but also they can have a fun element. Of course the type and the size of bed is important, with much advice being provided by medical authorities on mattresses and bedding in the light of the history of what are called ‘cot deaths’. These unexplained deaths have been partly attributed to various sleeping styles and bedding, and have certainly determined how children sleep. However there is still a fun as well as a practical element to a child’s bed.

Cots and cribs

Young children are placed in a cot or crib and this will either be deep sided, in terms of it being a crib, or it will probably have drop down sides if it is a cot. The cot tends to be used for slightly older children from the age at which they can stand up, even if that is by holding onto the sides. These cots can be decorated with transfers so that the child is sleeping with his or her favourite characters. This will mean that in particular the headboard will have pictures of maybe Winnie the Pooh or Tigger, as the child then has a reassurance that they are sleeping with their friend. For smaller children the cot will also be able to have mobiles attached to it so that child can have music to encourage sleep.


When a child grows up and moves from a cot to a bed, it is very important that they retain a sense of security. They will probably now move to their own room if they were not already there, and the bed will need to give them a sense of comfort and security. The headboard can be designed in the shape of their favourite character and the bed clothing can also have that character all over it. The bed should be close to the floor as should the child fall out there is a limited a chance of any injury. Mattresses should be comfortable and in some cases anti-allergy according to the child’s need. specialises in Childrens Beds. All our products are provided to our customers with the highest quality and are offered at affordable prices. Visit our site if you're looking for Bedside Tables.

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