Harnessing apprenticeships as human resources solutions

Many business owners have found themselves with seemingly irresolvable human resources issues since the downward spiral of the credit crunch descended in to an all out recession. The lack of consumer confidence and Governmental austerity measures has forced thousands of companies of all sectors and sizes to scale back substantially, rather than recruit for and employ new staff members. However, this is not to suggest that the wheels of business simply cease to turn and increasing amounts of business owners are questioning if their companies might benefit on a number of levels from offering apprenticeships.

Whilst apprenticeships are nothing new and have been around for decades, they are currently undergoing something of a renaissance. This is partly due to the Government’s efforts to redress youth unemployment issues, and partly because they present employers and their human resources representatives with cost effective and dynamic solutions to recruitment freeze deadlocks. Employers are offered the opportunity to bring young perspectives and skills sets in to their workplaces by offering on the job training that is backed up by further education colleges or other specialised teaching establishments.

Business owners might be very tempted to hire young apprentices, both for the youthful enthusiasm and vibrancy they can bring to working environments and, furthermore, as a less costly and risky means of expansion and gap plugging. Whilst their human resources personnel might be in complete agreement theoretically, there may be reservations when it comes to the employment law side of things for newcomers to the offering of apprenticeships.

At NorthgateArinso Employer Services, we have the experience, the expertise and the knowledge to assist businesses interested in the possibility of taking on apprentices. As a leading provider of human resources and employment law services, we understand any reservations that internal management might have. We are here to guide them through the decision making process, the making of the ideal apprenticeship match and the consequent adherence to employment law in the field.

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