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The power of physical mail is still as strong as ever. Although derided as ‘snail mail’, for marketing purposes direct mail marketing is still able to pay dividends. Did you know that the Royal Mail is only able to exist in its current form thanks to marketing mail – without direct mail, the postal service would cease to function.

This is because whilst more and more of us are choosing to send e-mail for personal correspondence, mail remains one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach out to their market. There is little that is as intimate as a letter, and so direct mail delivers a level of interaction with customers that simply can’t be matched with digital marketing.

Whilst bulk mailing has certain promotional advantages over digital marketing solutions, there are also, traditionally, disadvantages. Bulk mailing requires a logistical push, and often an internal mailing infrastructure. This frequently includes expensive tech, such as franking machines, which are used to put postage onto letters.

However, these days there is an alternative. With a company like imail you can enjoy all of the many advantages of direct mail marketing, without any of the logistical negatives. The service works simply and beautifully, all you have to do is design your bulk mailing campaign and we’ll handle all of the difficult stuff.

You might reasonably assume that this service comes at a premium. However, this modern approach can actually save you money as each item sent is actually cheaper than the cost of a second class stamp. The price of stamps is increasing all of the time, and so businesses are always looking for more cost effective ways to wage a physical mail marketing strategy.

Businesses of any size can benefit from mail marketing, and it’s very easy to get started – with imail.

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