Printers And Instituted Bad Technology

Printers are a curious piece of technology. In most technological industries there is a great drive to keep improving the product and create an ever better experience for the consumer and their pocket. However, printers seem to buck this trend. In fact, they even introduce pieces of strange technology that actually create a great deal of fuss for the consumer.

You might think when investing so much in a printer it would come with full ink cartridges. This isn’t the case – in fact, your printer will come with some ink in it. It might be full or it might be one page from becoming empty. This will then prompt the consumer to invest in printer cartridges only to find that they can cost a sizable fraction of the overall printers price. In fact, some cartridges are so expensive they might be even more expensive than the printer itself.

The consumer may also find that they are warned that the warranty will be valid if they try to buy third party ink cartridges instead of the brand of the printer. This is not the case and all consumers should be assured that buying third party printer cartridges will not affect the warranty. What is even more galling for the consumer is that some printers can be programmed to stop printing when one of the colour ink cartridges is empty. This may well be the yellow. Naturally, you would then expect to be able to print in black and white, but this is not always the case. Clearly, the idea is that you then go out and pay a small fortune to replace the colour set.

This instituted bad technology is designed to make the printer companies money. Unfortunately, printers are sold at rock bottom prices and the profit is expected to be subsequently generated from printer ink.

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