China Tea

China tea is known around the world for its impressive quality and clarity of taste, and with much of Chinese culture heavily linked to the beverage, China tea is one of the most popular drinks across the vast nation and Asia in general.

Here at the Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we specialise in top quality China tea and our range includes China tea in loose leaf form as well as in convenient tea bags. We also stock a range of China tea bricks which boast an interesting tea history and are a unique alternative to standard types of China tea.

As well as bags, leaves and bricks, our China tea can be purchased in tea cake form. These individual cakes of high quality China tea are ideal for making one large pot, and are really popular with many of our China tea customers.

As you might expect from such a vast country, which such a rich history, there are countless types of China tea available. Here at the Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company we pride ourselves on offering a great introduction to China tea, and our stock includes white China tea, green China tea, black China tea and herbal China tea.

If you have a real passion for China tea and are looking to sample a wide range of different flavours from the tea producing nation, then why not consider joining our Tea and Coffee Club? This club offers discounts on a variety of China tea and is ideal for real tea connoisseurs who want to build up a comprehensive knowledge of China tea.

A really popular China tea option is our lapsang souchong leaf tea, which is a deliciously smoky tasting China tea that is made from a black grey leaf and also has a gorgeous hint of spice.

This China tea is available in 5 different sizes, giving our China tea customers the widest range of choice. For those just beginning an interest in China tea, our small 50g bags of China tea are available for just over £1, so you can sample a few options and find your favourite.

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