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Get started as a PA

Getting started in any career is tough. It’s the hardest time for any young person, but with enough perseverance and dedication it is possible to get going. There might be a whole load of interviews and some rejections along the way, but in time people do succeed in landing that dream job role.

Becoming a PA is an appealing prospect for many people. It’s a role that’s interesting, varied and challenging. The modern PA needs to have good IT skills, a positive attitude and be super organised. Increasingly in the modern workplace employers expect job candidates to have invested in their own personal development. And for people wanting to become a PA this is no different. Completing a PA training course will give someone a head start over other candidates. Employers can be sure they have a good solid skill set already and can hit the ground running.

There are quite a few different PA courses available, so it pays to check out the credentials of any training company first before signing up. Indiquo is a company that specialises in this area. It was set up by people who have already succeeded in this field. People who are now keen to pass their skills on to a new generation of personal assistants.

Anyone attending a PA training course with Indiquo does so in the knowledge that they will be receiving instruction from proven top performers in this area. Employers notice candidates with an Indiquo qualification. In a tough jobs market any competitive edge is readily welcomed.

PA training courses count. They give students a solid grounding that prepares for them the role and the wider world of work. Armed with a qualification, newly qualified candidates can get noticed by prospective employers and get themselves a start down this rewarding and challenging career path.

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