Specialising in car scrappage

When you want to scrap your car but you are unsure about who to ask for assistance from, choosing a company which is able to dispose of a vehicle safely whilst causing minimal harm to the environment is very important. Courtesy of our car scrappage assistance, we can provide this and much more.

When other companies offer a car scrap service, it might be impossible for them to guarantee that when they remove a car it won’t be resold to other companies. When this happens, it could cause serious harm to the person or people who’ve just bought this vehicle. So how does our assistance differ from other businesses?

If a company or individual requests our car scrappage assistance, we will dispose of the vehicle in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We will also liaise with the DVLA as well who will then send a certificate of destruction to you. But how long does it take for us to remove your vehicle from the side of the road?

The answer to that is a surprisingly short amount of time. We guarantee that whenever our car scrap services are requested, we will do this within forty eight hours. This is often completed in twenty four hours. As well as the above, when you choose our car scrap assistance you can claim back any road tax which you have already paid for that will now never be used.

We provide the full car scrappage service and there is no need to go anywhere else. To find out more about how choosing us for when you require a car scrap service, contact our dedicated and customer focused team today. They are always willing to answer any queries which you have especially as this gives them a prime opportunity to inform you about the many benefits of choosing us.

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