Pedestrian Trucks or Forklift Trucks?

Certain businesses may not be totally aware as to whether they need forklift trucks or whether pedestrian trucks will do the job just fine. However, if you can use pedestrian trucks you are likely to save a huge amount of space, a great deal of money and find the whole process of moving goods a lot easier.

Whilst businesses will be able to find used forklift trucks for sale at very low prices, they will also be able to find used pedestrian trucks at even lower prices. However, the capability of such trucks means that only items on ground level or raised by a small amount are likely to be able to be shifted using such items. Likewise, finding used forklift trucks for sale will also often mean that you can lift far heavier weights than you would with a pedestrian version.

For the majority, used forklifts will offer more flexibility and, with more slimline versions, even the smallest of warehouses can often utilise them. However, pedestrian trucks will still have a place. They are perfect for getting items on and off trucks and perfect for businesses who only deal with smaller pallets. By stocking easily lifted items higher up and the heavier items on the ground level, certain businesses will be able to get by with just the pedestrian versions and in turn save space and great deal of money too.

For other businesses, a mixture of used forklifts and pedestrian trucks will work best, allowing certain areas to be far more compact and in turn space to be utilised very effectively, whilst still leaving the ability to move far heavier and far larger items when needed.

Ultimately, looking at the items you store and the way in which you can potentially arrange your warehouse should allow you to see which option, or whether having both, is best for you.

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