Pop up shops can help businesses engage with customers

Pop up shops are becoming increasingly popular around the UK, with a rising number of firms seeking to make the most of such innovative retail methods. There are a number of attractions associated with these temporary stores.

The short-term ventures are generally shops, eateries or artistic productions that occupy otherwise unused spaces and they can last anything from a couple of days to several months. Often, they are off-shoots of established brands. However, sometimes they can test the water for completely new partnerships and ideas.

Meanwhile, according to one expert, they help companies to engage with customers. According to Jeremy Rucker of Hotel Retail, such methods enable firms to reach out to their target audiences, London Loves Business reports.

He said: “You can directly engage with the client base, which you can’t control when your product is elsewhere.”

Meanwhile, pop up shops can also help individuals to establish a presence. For example, three years ago James Tregaskes decided to transform his home into a temporary gallery and since this point, he has become a successful art dealer and consultant.

Commenting on his journey, he remarked: “It was during 2008 when things weren’t great financially. The [low] cost was an implication but I also wanted to offer something in a residential location, something with a more personal setting and context.”

Transforming his home into a pop up venue cost less than £2,000 and he made use of his clean white walls, high ceilings and traditional wooden flooring. He also made a decision to showcase emerging young artists.

Mr Tregaskes added: “I think people wanted something that was temporary and that was word of mouth.”

Thankfully, any individual or business wishing to take advantage of pop up shops can access superb guidance from specialists in the field. This can help them take full advantage of their pop up shops while also enabling them to keep control of their finances and the logistics of the projects more generally.

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