Garden offices are useful for home workers

It is becoming increasingly common for individuals to work from home and some of those who operate in this way have access to garden offices. These garden buildings help to provide people with additional space and peace and quiet.

Commenting on such provisions, one expert has noted that they are a good idea for anyone who can afford them. Editor of Mandy Garner stated that individuals who operate from domestic settings have to take care to avoid stress, the Daily Telegraph reports.

She remarked: “It’s a big issue. When you are working from home, others including your family tend to think that you are available to do all the domestic chores. I think what you have to do to avoid complete burn-out is to be very firm about working hours, and have a clear demarcation between work time and home time.

“It’s also good to have a separate area where you work, and a separate phone line if you can afford it.”

Thankfully, there are many garden offices available these days, meaning anyone looking for such outside spaces to help them get on with their work without disturbance should not struggle to find exactly what they are after.

Ms Garner works from home, so has personal experience regarding issues of this nature. She pointed out that garden buildings provide physical separation between family and professional lives.

She went on to claim that it is harder for partners and children to bridge the space between homes and outbuildings compared with offices located within homes.

The working mother also pointed out that certain individuals go to great lengths to prepare themselves for their working days at home. She commented: “Some people do things like get dressed for work, and then walk around the block and back again, to mentally prepare themselves for the working day.”

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