Great party ideas from Hollywood

Hosting a party is always great fun but it can be even more enjoyable if the invitees also participate, whether by bringing a dish of food or other party supplies to share or by dressing up in costume. One of the easiest ways to encourage party guests to get involved is to pick a theme. It could be a decade, a place, or almost anything else.

Some of the best theme party ideas come from popular movies. That goes for both kid’s parties and more adult occasions. A good theme for children might be Disney movies or the Toy Story series, while grown-ups might choose James Bond films. There is no shortage of themes to choose from- the only criteria is that the movie (or movies, or TV series) be well known. Larger than life, easy to recognise characters are an advantage but not strictly necessary.

A good theme starts encouraging the guests to think about the party as soon as the invitations go out. Of all party supplies, the invitations are still amongst the most important even in these days of internet connectivity and instant massaging. It’s the invitation that whets the appetite for the party and builds a sense of occasion. It should have all the invitees planning their outfits immediately and make sure they mark the date in their diaries straight away.

The best party ideas allow guests the option of being a little bit outrageous, but also cater to those who don’t want to stand out too much. The James Bond theme is a great example. Guests can either arrive in sophisticated yet understated evening dress or go all-out by copying the outfits of individual characters down to the last detail. Even if only a few guests really put the effort in, the group will still look spectacular and the party will have the right atmosphere.

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