Planning a Stag Do

The biggest mistake that many best men make when planning a stag do is not considering the stag in the plans that they make. Whilst you may have heard many stories of the decadence and shenanigans that accompany a stag do trip to the likes of Amsterdam, if the stag himself does not have any interest in such a scene, you are more likely to be throwing a party for yourself than for your stag.

Whilst the preferences of others who will be present on the stag do must be taken into consideration, the most important thing is to ensure that the stag himself is going to enjoy the schedule that you create whilst ensuring that the cost of what you plan is not going to be outside the budget of those attending.

Should your stag enjoy the countryside, then a countryside retreat complete with adventure sports and some well considered party products might be the best approach. Others may prefer a debauched night out in a city, whilst those with more affluent friends might prefer the chance to unwind on the beach with one or twenty of their closest friends.

Whatever you choose, it is wise to make it as personal as possible. Finding party supplies that will make the occasion more personal (whether that is costumes, themed games or even some pre-designed pranks) will make sure that the stag do is one to be remembered. Ultimately, no matter what their personal interests or preferences, the more individual the plans and the more unique the party products you purchase are, the more suitable the event will be.

So avoid simply following in others’ footsteps and planning the same old things every other stag do involves – instead get a unique location and unique party supplies and make it as much about sending off your friend as you can.

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