Full handbags are no longer the preserve of women

Women have long been renowned for carrying many items in their handbags and purses, whether they are luxury handbags or other types of item. However, it seems that it is not only the fairer sex who are transporting lots of possessions in this way.

Research commissioned by Direct Line has found that men are also eager to take plenty of items around with them in their so-called ‘man bags’. The study found that the average male shoulder bag contains £104.80 worth of goods. This is only £4.28 less than the typical handbag.

Man bags in Northern Ireland were found to contain the most expensive items, averaging £147.27, followed by Yorkshire and Humberside, when contents were found to average £130.09.

Among the products found in these ‘butch bags’ were traditional essentials such as pens, notebooks, keys and wallets. Meanwhile, the research suggested that aftershave is also a popular item, with around 5.1 million men carrying such cosmetics around with them.

In addition, 1.2 million male consumers are thought to carry hair styling objects or a mirror with them.

Commenting on the findings, head of Direct Line Home Insurance Stuart Curson said: “Whilst the average man bag may only cost just over £30, the pieces inside are often worth more than three times this amount. As an increasing number of gadgets are taken out of the home, the need to protect our personal possessions becomes increasingly important.”

He went on to state that for many men, these items will be covered by their home contents insurance policies, so it is advisable for them to look at and update their agreements as soon as possible.

These days, consumers can source a range of handbags and purses online. Whether they are after luxury handbags or anything else, they should not struggle to find the perfect items for them.

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