Don’t fall victim to a bad online reputation

Do you pay enough attention to what is being said about your website? It’s not just on social media sites that people will be talking about your business. They can post comments, blogs and rating anywhere on the web and these comments can be good but also bad. As with all customers, internet users are far more likely to go on line to share a bad experience than to praise a company for good customer service. Many website owners are completely clueless about the information that is available on the web about their company. This ignorance can cost them dearly as it takes little to tarnish an online reputation.
The cost of ignorance
Management of the comments that are posted out there is essential. Think about the damage that could be done if customers search on your company name and find a host negative comments from disgruntled customers. How would you react as a customer? It’s highly likely you would run a mile so it’s imperative that you get your internet reputation management planned clearly.
Internet users and indeed any customer these days tend to look to the feedback from other customers before buying from a company. Testimonials and reviews are a powerful means of leveraging sales. If people can see that your customers love the service, products and processes of your business they will convert easily.
Conversely if there is evidence of dissatisfied customers they will soon opt for the competition. In a challenging economy every business needs to give this issue their full attention.
Beating negativity online
Just how can a website owner protect their business from negative comments? The best way is to handle this situation in a proactive way and put search engine reputation management in place. Start by looking at Google on your company name and get a feel for the type of comments and posts that come up. Also set up profiles on high profile social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. You’ll get an honest response from users about your company there.
However the main thing is to react when there is a negative response. You need to reply to complaints and offer positive responses. Without this form of defence your business is wide open to attack from negative PR. A great way to work proactively is to encourage happy customers to post reviews and comments. This then fills the SERPs with positive posts about your company and can dilute the effects of anything negative.
Online review sites
Online review sites influence customers and can be a powerful means of attracting traffic and loyalty. They are proven to influence people when making a buying decision so again its important to manage negative reviews.
Take time to consider how you search for products or services. If you were searching for an electrician and came across a customer review that was negative it’s likely you’d move onto the next. If you see an electrician with a host of positive reviews you’re going to opt for them instead. If you can work on collecting highly positive reviews you can improve your business success no end.
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