Car data check/car registration check

Car buyers – don’t just pick and pray

Buying a used car is something that fills most people with dread. If feels like a total shot in the dark. Pick and pray is a strategy that resonates with buyers up and down the country, but why are so many people prepared to do this? Hand over thousands of pounds for a vehicle they can’t be sure hasn’t been in an accident or has outstanding finance left on it.

There’s a simple solution that takes all of the guesswork out of the process – a car data check. These checks give customers all the facts that they need to make an informed decision. They will reveal the true history of that particular vehicle. How many owners it has really had, whether it was a category D write off or whether it has HPI owing on it.

Running a car registration check is really straightforward thanks to the Internet and sites like They allow customers simply to tap in a car registration, pay by debit or credit card and receive a history report that lets them know if that particular vehicle is one hundred percent legitimate.

It’s all to easy to get carried away on the garage forecourt. The salesmen will be pushing hard to earn themselves a juicy commission, but common sense and caution are the order of the day. Take the details, run a car data check first and then if everything comes back OK make the purchase.

A car registration check takes next to no time at all and could save motorists a whole lot of anguish. It’s a powerful and effective tool. The used car market is something of a minefield. Guesswork won’t help people avoid the dodgy cars on the forecourt, but a simple online check will. Don’t get caught out. Run a check first for absolute peace of mind.

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