Medical supplies/stethoscopes/thermometers

Better value medical supplies

A GP is a doctor first and foremost, but in essence a medical practice is managed and run a lot like a business is. As well as patient care they have a big hand in the running of their practice, which in turn means large budgets to manage and control. This makes the role even more challenging again. As well as being good doctors, they need to run their centres effectively and a large part of this is about getting good value for money on the medical supplies that they buy in.

A GP needs all kind of equipment to do their job effectively. And it’s the little things that can really add up. By keeping a careful eye on costs and ensuring they get good value on ordinary items like stethoscopes and thermometers, then in the long term they can make huge savings, which in turn can be reinvested back into the business. No wonder so much time and effort goes into evaluating suppliers.

It’s important to choose a good supplier of medical supplies. One that offers great value, but also good service too. A supplier who is flexible and customer focused is a valuable ally indeed.

Bound Tree Medical appreciate just what the NHS needs to keep running efficiently and on budget. They offer a huge range of supplies, meaning doctors can find anything and everything they need all in one place. It certainly makes their lives easier knowing that have a dependable partner they can turn to for all the equipment and supplies that they need to operate effectively and deliver high levels of patient care.

They are experienced NHS partners and this shows in the way they do business. Everything about Bound Tree Medical is geared up towards the way the NHS operates. Maybe it’s time to switch suppliers?

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