If you require rubber products, you’ve come to the right place

If you need rubber products for a vast number of applications or usages, a countless number of companies have opted for our services. By working closely with our customers has enabled us to provide rubber items which meet their expectations.

Each rubber item is different from the next and we have a successful track record in producing Nitrile, silicone and Neoprene materials among many others. These rubber grades which we can create include insulation for plumbing and heating, gaskets as well as mouldings and extrusions for cords. Our rubber grades can have fire retardancy properties and have low smoke toxicity. There is no end to the possibilities which is provided for by our rubber grades. If you require a rubber material which is different than what has been listed here, our team are always willing to answer any queries which you may have.

Rubber isn’t the only material which we can create but also foam too. A longstanding foam suppliers company, we are able to manufacture over three hundred foam grades. Whether this is for either industrial or domestic applications, we can provide multiple options. The type of foam which is manufactured by our in-house technology includes acoustic foams, audio foams, PVA foams, Hydrophilic foams, compressed foams and melamine foams among many others. Just like with our rubber grades, if a business or individual has specific requirements for their foam product then we will collaborate with them so that what we manufacture is exactly what they asked for. Also, as with our rubber products the foam products which we create will last for a very long time therefore giving a value for money service. You won’t find a more efficient foam suppliers company anywhere else.

If you want to find out more about how we can help when you require a rubber or foam grade, contact our experienced team today.

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