Study suggests yoga can help people with back pain

It has long been known that by donning their yoga clothes and heading to classes, or engaging in the discipline at home, individuals can boost their health. As long as they do the exercises properly and take any medical conditions into account when choosing a type of yoga, the positive impact of the exercises can be immense.

A recent study may have added to the appeal of the discipline for some. A team of researchers led by Professor David Torgenson, director of the York Trial Unit at the University of York, found that yoga may more effectively address lower back pain that conventional treatments, the Guardian reports.

A lot of people regularly put on their yoga clothing to stretch their muscles and relieve such pains. This study found that patients with discomfort in their lower back who did yoga showed bigger improvements in their ability to perform everyday physical tasks, such as walking, bending down and getting dressed.

The benefits were noticed even nine months after the weekly yoga sessions had finished.

Professor Torgenson remarked: “In the past when you had back pain, you were told to lie down until it passed. These days the main advice is to keep your back active. It seems yoga has more beneficial effects than usual care including other forms of exercise, although we have not carried out a direct comparison.

“We are still carrying out the economic analysis but it is likely yoga could reduce the costs of back pain both for patients and for the NHS.”

If the discipline is recommended for more patients as a result of research like this, it may be the case that many more individuals will be on the hunt for yoga clothes. One of the best ways of sourcing yoga clothing at present is to head online. Consumers can find attractive and practical offerings quickly and easily in this way.

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