Organising Your Tools

No matter whether you have a veritable harem of different types of tools, of all ages, sizes and attractiveness, or whether you simply have a few choice hand tools to carry out the very simplest of jobs, knowing how best to organise your tools will get you a long way. A surprising number of people don’t give any thought to how best to store their air tools and cutting tools and, as such, items can easily become damaged or the whole process of actually finding the right item can become a nightmare.

The first step is not to think about storing your tools at all, but instead to think about the tools you really need. Many people will hang onto old tools they are never likely to use again but this hoarding can lead to a great deal of clutter and in turn confusion.

Therefore, the first step is to pull out all the power and hand tools you have and be very strict with yourself in disposing of the items you no longer need, recycling where possible and simply throwing out the items that are beyond use for anyone.

Next ensure you choose a suitable space, whether this is a designated shed or a very specific area of your home/garage. Many people don’t have a designated space for their tools and as such items can find their way here, there and everywhere, making it a nightmare to easily locate a specific item.

Once you know exactly where you are storing tools, be sure to have a very specific place for each type of tool. Knowing where your cutting tools are and where your air tools are will make it easy for you to simply pick up the exact tool you need. Should you be storing your tools in a shed, make sure that the types of tool used most frequently are stored nearest to the door, with the obscure items being stored furthest back. Not only will this help you to keep the space tidier, but it will also remove any dread you might have in delving into the recesses to look for the exact tools you need.

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