Controlling Your Sky Package

Sky television is often thought to be extremely expensive. However, there are now packages to suit almost any preferences and many that can be made completely bespoke. In turn, by choosing fewer channels, you will pay far less and can today control your Sky package very specifically and get a great deal more for a great deal less.

However, should you get a Sky digibox installed for free by the company themselves, you may have to have a minimum package, which could cost far more than you want to pay. Therefore, for many people it is likely to be more beneficial to buy the Sky box and a specific Sky remote separately. Whilst it might seem a far more expensive way to do it, this approach allows people to get all the Freeview channels they would get when buying a normal set top box and then to simply add the subscription channels they want as and when they want them.

If you are looking to buy a better set top box anyway, you may well end up not paying much extra at all to get a Sky digibox and in turn you can simply have the ability to choose to upgrade and downgrade any extra packages you want as and when you like without being bound to the strict terms that might be imposed if you get Sky to install the set up for you.

It is also then far easier to change your Sky remote and digibox to a better model should you wish, allowing you to experience HD or 3D as and when you like rather than needing to wait until your current plan comes to an end.

Ultimately Sky still offers a vast amount more potential than any other television option. Just be sure that you are the one in control of what you choose.

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