Saving Money on Family Holidays

With the price of flight taxes, fuel surcharges and baggage fees rising all the time, buying cheap package holidays and using low-budget airlines are no longer the most cost-effective ways to have a family holiday. For many families, this approach will lead to disappointment or in many cases an inability to afford the holidays they would actually wish to go on.

For anyone wishing to save money on family holidays, the cheapest way to go about it is simple – buy a tent. Tents may not be the most appealing way to spend a week for many, but the majority of us now associate camping with being in this country, something that is likely to be unappealing to most. However, on the continent, with many beautiful campsites to choose from and far better weather, the addition of simple blow up beds could make camping as comfortable as any hotel room.

With cheap ferry tickets readily available online, cross channel ferries can allow you to head almost anywhere in Europe for far less, and give you a huge amount of extra flexibility in the process. Since cheap ferry tickets will be charged by the car and not per person and since the cost of the petrol will be averaged out between the number of passengers, a huge amount of money can be saved.

For those who can afford one, a caravan or camper van may make the journey even more rewarding and save you even more money in the long run.

Ultimately, the benefits using cross channel ferries as opposed to low-budget airlines are going to be numerous, allowing you to be far more in control of any holiday and not be restricted in the same way that you would be on a package holiday. At the same time, you are likely to save money and have a far more interesting and appealing journey, no matter where your ultimate destination is.

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