Why Sail?

Every year, thousands of flights are cancelled, in many instances leaving passengers stranded, and in others leaving holidaymakers waiting months to claim back the money they have lost. The environmental effect of flying is also potentially worse than the effect that cancellations and the like can have on individuals. And yet, a huge number of us choose to ignore the obvious and spend over the odds to fly every single year.

However, more and more people are switching their mode of transport of choice and using ferry crossings to get them to where they want to go. Whilst France was once one of the most common tourist destinations for tourists from the UK, Spain has now overtaken it due to the extra warmth and easy plane commute.

That said, the majority of travel experts are once more recommending France as the best holiday destination, not only due to the diversity of culture and the huge amount of natural beauty, but also simply because you can sail there.

With ferry crossings, you won’t get thwarted by a few spots of snow or a cloud of ash, and you won’t be subjected to long, frustrating and in some cases humiliating safety checks. Then of course there is the price. There are cheap ferries available to all Northern European ports, allowing people to travel far more easily and far more cost-effectively by plane. Not only this, but you also won’t have to pay a ridiculous amount for each little bit of extra luggage, and instead you can pack your car to its very limits without a single penny being paid extra.

Ultimately, cheap ferries are easier, more relaxing and a great deal more versatile than heading away by plane, allowing you to travel wherever you like and not be restricted to the few distant airports that the budget airlines fly to.

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