The Purpose of Aptitude Tests

Employment in the UK is becoming extremely hard to obtain as many organisations are reluctant to hire staff, so when a company does decide to hire employees they will want to ensure they hire the right candidate for the job. Therefore they will require candidates to undertake rigorous tests to ensure they can identify the best person for the role.

Many employers require potential candidates to take aptitude tests, as this will ultimately allow them to identify the strong and weak applicants.

Aptitude tests will measure a candidate’s intellect, personality and character traits, and these factors will all play a part in an applicant securing a job role.

A candidate’s skills will be measured in verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and inductive reasoning. They will also identify where their employees’ strengths are and how they could best utilise them in their organisation.

Aptitude tests can also help an employer to identify whether a candidate would fit into their organisation due to their character traits which may or may not reflect the company’s goals and values.

However, if an employee fails to receive a high score in all areas of the aptitude test, this is an easy way for an employer to identify their weaknesses and reject the candidate’s application. Therefore, it is vital a candidate stands out from the crowd by ensuring they practice before they attend an assessment centre.

There are many free online aptitude tests online for candidates to use; however, these free tests often lead to unreliable scores that do not replicate employee aptitude tests.

Conversely, there are many online websites that can provide reliable aptitude tests at a small and affordable price. These tests can ultimately make the difference between securing employment and an application being rejected.

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