Claims For Pesticides Poisoning

The responsible use of pesticides is vital when considering the ecosystem. Farms and other agricultural areas are not completely isolated from the food and water chains meaning that there is always the possibility that pesticides can cause harm if they are collected in a large enough dose. Many cases of pesticide poisoning is as a result of occupational exposure, rather than contamination of the food and water cycles. Every measure is taken to protect the public from this type of poisoning, but these systems are not infallible and they can result in the poisoning of the general public.

The greatest threat to human health are to those who work with pesticides on a regular basis. If you feel that you have been let down by your employer with regards to adequate protection from the side effects of using pesticides, then you should get in contact with your personal injury lawyer. They will be able to listen to the details of your case and navigate you through the complexities of the law and decide whether you have a reasonable chance of making a claim. The personal injury solicitor will be sensitive to the fact that you have agreed to work in a potentially hazardous environment, but that does not absolve your employer if they have been negligent with safety or equipment.

Vigilance and responsibility are the best ways to keep employees safe, particularly when there is a heightened risk of exposure to potentially poisonous substances. All stored pesticides and areas sprayed with pesticides should be labelled properly. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to instruct you on exactly how everything should have been labelled and whether something was amiss. Treatment for such cases can be long, tough and lifelong. This means that seeking financial compensation advice from a personal injury solicitor could make your life all the easier in tough circumstances.

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