Scottish politician appeals for change to UK immigration rules

A politician in Scotland has called for changes to immigration rules in the UK. Education secretary Michael Russell increased pressure on the Home Office to alter UK visa regulations that he believes could impact on Scotland’s ability to attract students from overseas.

Referring to proposals under which the number of years people could remain in the UK on a student UK visa would be reduced to five, he said they could have an impact on the quantity of individuals travelling to Scotland’s universities, the Herald reports.

Undergraduate degrees in the country typically last for four years, as opposed to the three in English Universities.

Critics of the move suggest that the new time limit seems to have been decided on by taking into account a three-year English degree and adding on two years.

Mr Russell remarked: “I have made clear to the UK government that I believe the changes to immigration rules could impact on Scottish universities and their ability to attract international students. I hope the UK government will take action as there is a strong case for them to revisit the rules as they apply to Scotland.”

He has a strong interest in such matters. Recently, the politician visited India with the representatives of 11 universities to launch a ‘welcome fund’ for prospective students from the sub-continent.

Many countries around the world are debating their stances to student immigration. Often a range of factors come into play and governments end up performing a balancing act.

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