Premium worktops without the premium price tag

Wood surfaces look fantastic in the kitchen. No other material can rival it. It’s classic, durable and practical. There are all kinds of different woods, finishes and grains to choose from, each with their own unique properties and style.

Beech worktops are a great choice for a number of different reasons. For such an affordable wood the finish is really remarkable. That’s what customers who choose it love, the combination of value and high quality. For anyone on a budget it’s hard to go wrong with this type of wood. Look around many homes and chances are that there are beech worktops fitted in the kitchen. If they are well made and finished nicely then they will look superb.

Pushing the boat out a little further yields even better results. Oak worktops provide the ultimate kitchen surface. The wood is tough and looks fantastic, with the added bonus of getting better over time. As oak worktops mature the wood looks even better. No wonder this wood is seen as the ultimate in kitchen style and luxury.

Wooden worktops can be expensive, but that’s not to say that there aren’t any bargains out there. The place to shop to get the best value deals is online at Worktop Express. Here customers can choose from a great range of quality wooden worktops, but with one crucial difference – the prices. As an online retailer they operate with lower overheads. Operational savings can be passed on to customers in the form of lower prices. So bargain hunters can find discounts up to 75% compared to high street prices. Suddenly that beech or oak finish is well within budget.

Great worktops add the finishing touch to any kitchen. Buy the best without spending a fortune and paying over the odds. Check out what’s on offer over at Worktop Express and finish the kitchen off in style.

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