FX Rogue Exposes: Why Forex Robots Or Expert Advisors Just Don’t Work

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If you’re someone who is interested in getting involved in Forex trading, it’s quite likely that you’ve come across plenty of advertisements for the Expert Advisor or “Forex Robot” programs. These are touted as computer-coded software programs that connect directly into your Forex trading platform and, once you have programmed them with the parameters you desire, go to work for you ceaselessly, making trade after trade according to the risk guidelines, position sizing, entry and exit rules, and rules for stop losses and target points that you’ve set in place.These robots are enticing for a number of reasons. First, if they are automated, they don’t have to take breaks and deal with life the way you do. This means that they won’t miss “golden” trades that you might miss out on, given that the Forex market is open 24/7 for five-and-a-half days straight every single week of the year. Next, automation also means zero distractions. Human traders can be distracted leading to missed signals or bad trading decisions, but not robots.n Robots also won’t fall into the error of trading on emotion, since a robot has no emotions. Finally, who wouldn’t love to live the dream of an automated income stream that pours in week after week, day after day, while you hardly even need to take much of a look at or think about the system except for the occasional check-up?These Forex robots allegedly are programmed with the help of experienced Forex trading masters whose systems are proven successful, and capable of learning from experience so that the same bad trade is never made twice. But here is where the red flags should go up.Why are great Forex masters peddling robots to people online if they are so successful at making money with their trading? Sure, one can say that anyone would love to make even more money, so why not capitalize on their knowledge beyond just making their own trades? But, wouldn’t it make more sense for them to sell their trading strategies? Other traders in other fields do this all the time and they don’t feel threatened by selling their secrets. Plus, working with computer programmers to create an Expert Advisor takes a lot of time and effort…something Forex traders don’t want when it comes to their work!It should also be suspicious to you as to why you have not heard much more about trader after trader buying, using, and making mad money on the Forex with a robot. This should be a constant hot news item in all the financial papers and websites if these robots, which sell big, are so effective for people. With millions and millions of Americans unemployed (including “under-employed”) at the time of this writing, you should pause to wonder why so many people aren’t spending a couple hundred bucks for a robot, practicing some with it, and then setting it loose to make them mad money from the comfort of their own home.

The fact is that about 95% of Forex traders who use robots fail-just like the 95% who don’t use robots. You see, a robot is only going to be as good as it is programmed to be-by the coders, by the supposed Forex trading “masters”, and then by you. A robot just follows a pre-set strategic program. It cannot “think” and “adapt” like a real human brain. As the saying with computer simulations goes, garbage in, garbage out. And most of what goes into these robots is garbage.

*The traders are typically sub-par, barely-making-it traders who come up with the robot idea to make some extra money because their systems don’t work.

*You as the end user must still know your Forex skills in order to try to program the robot to make successful trades. The robot is nothing but an extension of your own brain.

*Most Forex robots have only been back-tested. They have not been “forward tested”. In other words, what they are programmed to be smart about is the past-as in “hindsight is 20/20”. But you need knowledge that can help you accurately make good guesses at the future. The past is dead, and the Forex market is volatile.

A good robot is probably a good tool to have. It will indeed let you capitalize on many more trades than you can on your own. But, you cannot rely on a robot. The only “expert advisor” you can rely on is yourself. And that takes time and experience to become.

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