Just what is the Finest Material For The Sunroom|Just what Must A Conservatory Be Produced From

All around Europe and especially in the UK, conservatories have been a popular way of increasing space within the house and creating a beautiful room to relax in since they were first invented. Conservatories are available in a variety of materials, however the most popular are PVCu, hardwood and aluminium. In the rest of this article we will look through some of the benefits of each material and why they are used for the construction of conservatories.


PVCu is now the most popular material for constructing conservatories. PVCu is an acronym for “Poly Vinyl Chloride Unmodified”. PVCu conservatories are usually aluminium reinforced.

There are a few reasons which makes PVC the most popular choice for those looking to add a conservatory to their property. The first reason for this is the fact that it is a relatively cheap material when compared to the other options. As a result, conservatories are no longer reserved for mansions or stately homes, but are now accessible to almost anyone.

Some of the other benefits associated with PVC include the fact that it is a very low maintenance material which is also easy to clean and that it can hold double glazed glass panels without any problems which helps with sound proofing, energy efficiency and safety.
While most of the PVC conservatories that you will see are white, many manufacturers allow you to choose from a selection of colours which are often created to look like a real wood. Obviously it will never look as good as a real wooden conservatory though.


During the Georgian period, many conservatories where built with a part brick or stone construction and became known as orangeries. Other than the orangeries though, which aren’t strictly conservatories, conservatories have always been made mainly from wood. Even with PVCu now being the most popular choice, more expensive and high quality conservatories are constructed from hardwood.

Hardwood’s biggest merit is its appearance. It is a beautiful material to create a special room which will bring years of pleasure to its owners. The biggest drawback with using hardwood though is the maintenance required. As with any type of wood, it will need to be well looked after and correctly maintained in order to last.


While most aluminium conservatories are clad in timber, a few people have chosen to have an entirely aluminium construction. The cost means that this is one of the cheapest options, however the end finish is not to everyone’s taste.

Whatever material you decide to chose, it is important to chose a high quality company to manufacture your conservatory as this is often as important, if not more important than the material that the conservatory is manufactured from.

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