House Plan Review

A normal group of standard house plan blueprints might contain the following sections: Plot Plan, Foundation Plan, Floor Plan, Plumbing Plan, Electrical Plan, HVAC Plan, Roof Plan, Cabinet Plan, Elevation Plans, Typical Detail Plans, and Specification Sheets. Additional blueprints or the complexity of the blueprint drawings is determined by the quantity of cosmetic detail and the structural design of the home. A subcontractor, that is giving an offer on a house to do a specific task, will rely mainly on the blueprints and specifications to calculate his costs. A significant a part of subcontractors and home owners construction planning is when long the project normally takes to accomplish. If the blueprints don’t have enough details to estimate this time around, the subcontractor will come back during the project and ask for a change order since the blueprints were not clear. The home owners interest money which was estimated about the construction loan may increase if the total construction time is increased due to insufficient blueprint detail. This issue may continue further and affect the total estimated cost for that house. Depending on the harshness of the possible lack of details or a poor set of blueprints, it will ultimately end up back in the lender or bank having a request an increase in the development loan and mortgage. During the construction of the house, it is very inconceivable that there won’t be any changes. If there are issues within the Blueprints, they need to be addressed as soon as possible at first so that they will not escalate to begin affecting the actual overall outcome of the making of the home.

It should be plain to see that there needs to be someone having a total understanding of every factor of the construction of a house, to do a plan review of the blueprints. This review would verify that each item is incorporated in the set of blueprints to estimate and make the home. Whether it is the home owner, contractor, or subcontractor, everyone needs to have a complete knowledge of what’s and isn’t within the blueprints. As stated above, good set of house blueprints can be invaluable during the process of building a home. The time and effort to insure a good group of Blueprints is going to be worth it within the finished product.

Plot Plan
The plot plan blueprint is definitely an outline of the proposed house about the lot.
It should show the length of the house from property lines, easements, and setbacks. Plus it will show all proposed driveways, sidewalks, or decks. The plan will show the exterior dimensions of the home as well as the house. In some instances the place of septic tanks and wells is going to be shown.This view is a bird’s eye view looking down.

Foundation Plan
A foundation plan blueprint shows the location footings, grade beams, and dimensions necessary to complete the building blocks.
It’ll show the overall dimensions of the home and also the distance to the individual footings. It will also show the place of brick ledges and any step ups or slopes as with garage floors. The blueprint could possibly show cross sectional views of the footings. A part of these views would be the width and depth of footings and the placement of rebar. These blueprints will be part of the structural drawings.

Floor Plan
The ground plan blueprint is a detailed drawing of the rooms from the proposed house. It will show room names and dimensions.
There will also be details referring to cabinets, appliances, and flooring etc. Out of this blueprint, you should get advisable from the size of rooms and the location of doors and windows. This view will be previously mentioned looking down. Every item about the blueprint should be dimensioned, in order to be able to accurately mark it about the foundation slab.

Plumbing Plan
The plumbing plan blueprint is really a detail drawing of all water and drain lines to become installed during the construction of the house.
This should include the routing and placement of all plumbing outlets in a house. Sanitary clean outs and cold and hot water lines may also be noted about this blueprint. If gas is to be used, the outlets and locations is going to be shown combined with the type of material to make use of.

Electrical Plan
Electrical blueprint is a detailed drawing of all outlets, lights, and switches inside a house.
The blueprint can have the position of the outside service, inside panel, and any disconnects. Three-way switches will be noted together with any switched receptacles. The location of lights is going to be shown and it should note if there will be any specialty switching such as dimmers. The general blueprint should provide a complete look at everything regarding the electrical components of a house.

Mechanical Plan
Mechanical blueprint is a drawing of the heating and air conditioning layout inside a new house.
The position of the return air chase and all sorts of supply lines is going to be shown of the routine. The size of the return air grill and also the air supply registers will be noted. The compressor and furnace location may also be shown about this blueprint combined with the platform size if required.

Roof Plan
Roof plan blueprint is really a look at the rooftop looking down from above.
Within this view you’ll be able to see the location of ridges, hips, and valleys. They are very helpful sometimes to get a clear picture from the overall roof.

Cabinet Plan
Cabinet blueprint can be shown as plan view or elevation view.
The plan view shows cabinets because they would look as though looking down previously mentioned. The elevation view is really a look at the cupboards looking at them in the front. This detail will show cabinets sizes and overall dimensions of the cabinets. Counter tops is going to be shown together with end and back splashes.

Elevation Plan
Elevation blueprint is a front, side, or back view of a house.
It’ll show the way the completed house should look from the outside. You will see details defining the pitch of the roof, the fabric used on exterior walls, and other miscellaneous items. The outside elevations should give a person advisable of the way the house will look when completed all angles. All doors, windows, posts, decks, etc. ought to be visible.

Typical Detail Plan
An average detail blueprint shows a typical method of construction of the particular item.
This is usually a wall section, footing, roof, etc.

Specifications Sheets
Specifications blueprint are overall descriptions of each and every item that will be utilized in the construction of a home.
One of the most common used sheets is a FHA / VA Specification Sheet. This separates components of a home into categories. These items may then be described at length and allowances set where necessary to clarify what quality of item will be utilized in the house.

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