Can outsourced telemarketing services help your sales team?

Just what are the advantages of B2B telemarketing to a sales team? Do telemarketing services simply interfere in the sales machine rather than adding value?
Often when the idea of introducing an outsourced demand generation team is suggested to the sales team there is uproar. Fears about lack of market knowledge and unnecessary interference are cited. These are natural worries and understandable when a sales person has spent many years nurturing his or her territory. However if sales and marketing come together this form of B2B lead generation can be extremely powerful. Whether you are introducing a new product offering or are looking for new markets for a well-established one the results can be awe inspiring.
For this type of initiative to succeed there must be a great deal of co-operation between both teams. There needs to be a connected approach to ensure that knowledge is imparted freely from both sides. The support that can be gained from B2B telemarketing is far-reaching.
At the outset of a product launch telemarketers can research the market, glean useful information about competitors and highlight great opportunities to the sales team. They can support other marketing mediums such as exhibitions by drumming up support and awareness. And they can play a vital role in customer retention maintaining contact with customers, offering support and cross selling opportunities.
The sales team can begin to concentrate on what they do best – face-to-face selling. With the feedback from the telemarketing team the sales people will often find that their prospects are ready to buy and that they are able to adapt the product offering to suit the needs of the customer so that objections are reduced. Together sales and marketing can reduce the lead time on the sales cycle and see profit margins grow.
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