Tour Guide and Escort Jobs and Descriptions

Jobs involving a tour guide and escort are often jobs whose main responsibility would be to escort people whether singularly or by groups in a tour in various places including establishments, tourist spots, or even galleries as well as museums. These kinds of jobs usually have various descriptions depending on the amount of tour which is requiring a tour guide. Most of the period, the tours which need guides are people who are academically related the place that the students are on an educational trip; others are tourists on vacations while sometimes guides work on cruise cruises abroad to escort foreigners on the trip. An usual part from the job description for this kind of job is being liable for the safety and behavior on the people in their trip.

It is also the usual prerequisite for manuals today to be trained in terms of first aid and basic safety procedures thus a normal job description calls for people with the knowledge on these matters. As mentioned, the job description is determined by the kind of tour which requires a guide and another requirement for such tours is having the knowledge about the tour or the website so that whenever folks have questions, he will be capable of answer them. It is also essential for the guide to recognize some foreign languages which will help him converse with his clients especially when the tourists are truly foreigners. The tourist guide’s work starts with greeting the group and telling them information of the schedule for the day. It is also the guide’s responsibility to ensure they are on time to cover all the activities which might be set for that specific day.

There are many other requirements because of this particular job but if you’re someone who love going, then this is the proper job for you. With a few training and many research, one can easily fit a tour guide and also escort job description

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