Video Game Jobs – Getting Paid To Play Games Is Not A Myth

If you expect to plop down on your sofa, open a bottle of soda, eat nachos, and play video games with your friends all day for money, you are delusional. There is no such job, period. It’s true you are able to play games and make money, but it will NEVER be in that scenario outlined. To play video games and get money — actual money — you’ll have to do more than just play the game, you need to TEST it!

Your Obligations And Responsibilities…

If you have trouble with repetition, then specialized game testing simply isn’t for you. Why? Due to the fact that you won’t be playing new video games from beginning to end like you would a standard “play for fun” video game. You will be playing particular levels of a game again & again right up until your eyes begin to bleed. As a matter of fact, you likely will not even get to finish the game. Fine, I admit that was a tad dramatic; your eyes won’t really bleed. Nevertheless, you will get very bored and you could even become annoyed from the non-stop repeated play. Another thing you’ll have to do while playing, which is sure to frustrate you, is submit bug & glitch reports.

Reports are used to identify and detail errors which you have run into while playing. These reports are used by programmers and coders to speedily track down bugs & glitches and correct them. If the reports are imprecise or sloppily written/typed, software engineers & coders may be powerless to fix the game’s issues — meaning you are not assisting the team, you’re hindering it. If you want to be a game tester for longer than a month, then decent grammar knowledge is an absolute necessity.

What You’ll Be Paid

Individuals — those of whom wish to play games and earn cash — often think that the pay is really small. While this might be true for “arcade style games” and gimmicky sites which offer weekly “gaming” competitions, it’s not true for professional video game testing. Game testers may make anywhere from $200 to $600 weekly, depending on the circumstances

Long term video game tester jobs are out there, but a lot of the work is on a “per job” basis — meaning you aren’t guaranteed assignments continuously. On the flip side though, this also means you aren’t “limited” by any type of schedule and can complete projects as fast as you can in order to increase your earnings. Finish a 5-day, $450 assignment in just two days and that equates to $225 each day! Pretty good, huh?

If you honestly want to play video games and make money — and you’re positive you can get beyond the long stretches of boredom and dull paperwork filing — then expert video game beta testing may be perfect for you. The pay is good, the hours are excellent, and the perks are phenomenal!

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