Giving You A Helping Hand After An RTA

During the winter months, road traffic accidents are far too common, thanks to bad driving conditions brought about by poor visibility and bad weather. Unfortunately, many drivers do not adapt their driving to these conditions and so, while they may be within the speed limit, they are still driving too fast. Consequently, the chance of you having an accident that is not your fault is much greater in the winter, and if this has happened you are entitled to put in for car accident compensation.

Even if you are lucky enough not to have been injured, a car accident can be extremely inconvenient and costly. Fosters Solicitors can help make the aftermath more bearable. One of the biggest problems can be not having a car while you’re waiting for yours to be fixed. Why should you have to struggle getting to work, doing the shopping or picking up the children because of someone else’s driving? Fosters will organise an immediate replacement vehicle on a ‘like for like’ basis with your original car, which will be delivered to a convenient location for you (such as home or work). You needn’t worry about the cost either, because the charges will come directly from the third party’s insurance company and not your own pocket or out of the compensation you are awarded.

Another way that Fosters simplify the process is by organising your car’s repairs for you. The repair process can often be delayed while insurers’ drag their heels, and while you may have a nice and familiar hire car to drive around, no doubt you will want your own vehicle back as soon as possible. Fosters will liaise between the insurance companies involved in order to speed up the process and even recommend repair garages for you should you not have one already in mind.

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