Holiday homes in Wales/holiday parks in Wales

The affordable way to buy a holiday home in Wales

The North West offers vibrant metropolitan living. There’s plenty for city slickers to enjoy in both Liverpool and Manchester. There’s loads going on, from cultural events through to great restaurants, bars and night life. However, from time to time it’s always nice to get away from the city. When urban dwellers in this part of the world start to feel jaded, when the traffic, noise and pollution all gets a bit too much, then it’s time to investigate holiday parks in Wales.

North Wales offers visitors a beautiful range of mountains, history and coastline. It’s like another world, yet it’s only ninety minutes drive away. No wonder more and more people are starting to consider holiday homes in Wales. They make for the perfect holiday or weekend get away. After a long week at work in the city, what could be nicer than enjoying the beach or climbing a mountain. There’s so much for the whole family to enjoy and all with the added bonus of only being a short hop away.

The New Pines operate charming and friendly holiday parks in Wales. Here families can invest in a lovely weekend retreat to escape too. The team at The New Pines pull out all the stops to give owners and visitors a five star experience, but without the premium price tag. It’s the affordable way to invest in holiday homes in Wales without compromising on quality.

For many people a little holiday home offers the perfect lifestyle. The week in the city and the weekend enjoying the countryside, beaches and great outdoors. Buying a holiday home might sound a little indulgent, but it’s more affordable than many people realise. Talk to the team at The New Pines, they’re always happy to help. There’s no hard sell, just friendly and honest advice.

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